Band Aparte


Band Aparte is a Los Angeles duo consisting of Brian Mendoza and Tara Jane. Their music is derived from a wide range of influences that include New Order, Dead Kennedy’s, Nick Cave, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and many more. Their sound can be thought of as a modern update of rock history’s seminal underground bands. Though always looking to the underground for inspiration, Band Aparte welcomes pop sensibilities—which are evident in their catchy and tightly packaged hooks. Their debut album, Memory on Trial, strives for the utilization of these reference points in an intelligent way.

In addition to a unique sound, Band Aparte has gained attention for their live shows. They are quickly becoming notorious for their relentlessly energetic, cathartic, and noisy performances. LA Weekly recently named them one of the top Punk bands around Los Angeles.

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