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RIP Allan Holdsworth

RIP Allan Holdsworth. He was a quiet genius of the guitar, and influenced too many to count. Our label, Manifesto, had just released a 12-CD box set of all of his albums, on April 7th. If there is any small consolation, it is that he was happy to see all of his work re-mastered, re-released, and receive an excellent reception. Our deep condolences to his family.

When Eddie Van Halen Jammed With His Hero Allan Holdsworth

Allan Holdsworth Dead At 70

Allan Holdsworth, Revered Fusion Guitarist, Dies At 70

Allan Holdsworth, internationally celebrated guitar innovator, dead at 70

The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever & Eidolon – Available Now!

We are excited to announce that the new, complete 12-CD box set by guitar innovator, jazz, and progressive rock legend Allan Holdsworth titled The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever, along with a 2-CD updated and expanded “best of” collection selected by the artist, titled Eidolon, is available now on audio CD and digital download.

Order now:

And make sure to like Allan's new Facebook page for more updates!

Allan Holdsworth guest stars on the Friends Of Dan Music Podcast

We are excited to share Allan Holdsworth’s recent podcast interview with Dan Miles! Listen to accolades from fans and known musicians including Jeff Berlin & Jennifer Batten spaced throughout the interview as Allan shares some deep insight into his music and career. 

Lafayette Afro Rock Band vs. ICE

We are excited to announce that on October 28th we will be releasing The Lafayette Afro Rock Band vs. ICE - AfroFunkExplosion!

AfroFunkExplosion! is a Double CD set that features the best and most sampled songs by this legendary Afro Funk band whose songs have been sampled by the biggest and best Hip-Hop and EDM artists.

Featuring the songs "Darkest Light" and "Hihache", it is an anthology of tracks from the Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Ice, as well as Crispy & Co and Captain Dax.