Cellars Premieres New Single “Nighttime Girl” via Spin Magazine



“…revives the best of the ’80s”

“candy-colored pop in the iridescent vein of Madonna and Neon Indian.”

“glamorously dark”

—Spin Magazine

“Nighttime Girl” was written during an interesting transition in my life, I had just moved to Los Angeles and knew barely anyone, and was dealing with the first of a few break­ups in a long­-term relationship with someone I loved very much. I came up with the music and then told myself when writing the lyrics that I was not going to write another love song, which is where the line “I don’t need love where I’m going” comes from. I was determined to find my own way in this new place, and the song is about the struggle of figuring out who you are; the dissonant human feeling of both self­-confidence and self­-consciousness at the same time, and both sure and unsure of what one wants in life.

Click here to listen to the new single off of her upcoming album, ‘Phases’