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Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley Sefronia
(MFO 40701) Tim Buckley — Sefronia (CD)

Released in 1974, this is the next-to-last Buckley album. Contains “Dolphins” by Fred Neil and “Martha” by Tom Waits.

Tim Buckley Look at the Fool
(MFO 40702) Tim Buckley — Look at the Fool (CD)

Buckley’s 9th and final album, from 1974. Buckley died on June 30, 1975, at the age of 28.

Tim Buckley Dream Letter - Live in London(MFO 40703) Tim Buckley — Dream Letter (Double CD and Vinyl)
Live in London, 1968



Tim Buckley - Honeyman(MFO 40704) Tim Buckley — Honeyman (CD)
This album contains a totally unreleased concert of Tim Buckley, recorded in New York in late 1973, about 19 months prior to his death in 1975: Honey Man contains material from his later albums. This third “live” album of Buckley performances released since 1990, after Dream Letter and Live at the Troubadour 1969.

Tim Buckley Live at the Troubadour(MFO 40705) Tim Buckley — Live at the Troubadour (CD)
This is the second Buckley live show to be released, this time from 1969. It was released in early 1994 to rave reviews by the British press.


Tim Buckley - The Dream Belongs to Me(MFO 40706) Tim Buckley — The Dream Belongs to Me (CD)
Manifesto has discovered eight recordings from late in Buckley’s career, from early 1973, several months before he went into the studio to record Sefronia. That album has often been criticized as over-produced and out-of-character, but these tracks offer fresh insight to what might have been. Included are two songs that have never been heard before, “Falling Timber” and “The Dream belongs to Me.”

In addition, we have included six bonus tracks from 1968. These six recordings, including some of Buckley’s most beloved works (“Song to the Siren,” “Sing a Song for You,” and “Buzzin’ Fly”) were previously unreleased, except for internet-only CD Works in Progress (Rhino Handmade 1999.)

Allan Holdsworth

The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever – The Allan Holdsworth Album Collection 

Out Now on Manifesto!

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The 12 CD box set collection features all of Allan Holdsworth’s solo albums from 1982-2003. All of the discs have been digitally re-mastered and some even contain bonus material! The 12 CDs included in this set are: I.O.U. (1982), Road Games (1983), Metal Fatigue (1985), Atavacrhon (1986), Sand (1987), Secrets (1989), Wardenclyffe Tower (1992), Hard Hat Area (1993), None Too Soon (1996), The Sixteen Men Of Tain (2000), Flat Tire (2001) and Then! (2003).

Disc 1 (I.O.U.): 1. The Things You See 2. Where Is One 3. Checking Out 4. Letters of Marque 5. Out from Under 6. Temporary Fault 7. Shallow Sea 8. White Line

Disc 2 (Road Games): 1. Three Sheets to the Wind 2. Road Games 3. Water on the Brain-Pt II 4. Tokyo Dream 5. Was There? 6. Material Real

Disc 3 (Metal Fatigue): 1. Metal Fatigue 2. Home 3. Devil Take the Hindmost 4. Panic Station 5. The Un-Merry Go Round (In Loving Memory of My Father) 6. In the Mystery

Disc 4 (Atavacrhon): 1. Non-Brewed Condiment 2. Funnels 3. The Dominant Plague 4. Atavachron 5. Looking Glass 6. Mr. Berwell 7. All Our Yesterdays

Disc 5 (Sand): 1. Sand 2. Distance Vs. Desire 3. Pud Wud 4. Clown 5. The 4.15 Bradford Executive 6. Mac Man

Disc 6 (Secrets): 1. City Nights 2. Secrets 3. 54 Duncan Terrace (Dedicated to Pat Smythe) 4. Joshua 5. Spokes 6. Maid Marion 7. Peril Premonition 8. Endomorph (Dedicated to My Parents)

Disc 7 (Wardenclyffe Tower): 1. 5 to 10 2. Sphere of Innocence 3. Wardenclyffe Tower 4. Dodgy Boat 5. Zarabeth 6. Against the Clock 7. Questions 8. Oneiric Moor 9. Tokyo Dream 10. The Un-Merry Go Round (Part 4) 11. The Un-Merry Go Round (Part 5)

Disc 8 (Hard Hat Area): 1. Prelude 2. Ruhkukah 3. Low Levels, High Stakes 4. Hard Hat Area 5. Tullio 6. House of Mirrors 7. Postlude

Disc 9 (None Too Soon): 1. Countdown 2. Nuages 3. How Deep Is the Ocean 4. Isotope 5. None Too Soon (Part 1)/Interlude/None Too Soon (Part II) 6. Norwegian Wood 7. Very Early 8. San Marcos 9. Inner Urge

Disc 10 (The Sixteen Men Of Tain): 1. Son Onofre 2. 274 3. The Sixteen Men of Tain 4. Above and Below 5. The Drums Were Yellow 6. Texas 7. Downside Up 8. Eidolon 9. Above and Below (Reprise) 10. Material Unreal

Disc 11 (Flat Tire): 1. The Duplicate Man (Intro) 2. The Duplicate Man 3. Eeny Meeny 4. Please Hold on 5. Snow Moon 6. Curves 7. So Long 8. Bo Peep 9. Don’t You Know

Disc 12 (Then!): 1. Zone I 2. Proto-Cosmos 3. White Line 4. Atavachron 5. Zone II 6. Pud Wud 7. House of Mirrors 8. Non-Brewed Condiment 9. Zone III 10. Funnels


The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever: The Album Collection


Eidolon – The Allan Holdsworth Collection 

(MFO 48002) Save the Turtles: Greatest Hits (CD and Vinyl) 20 Song Greatest Hits Collection of The Turtles biggest hits.  Includes “Happy Together,” “It Ain’t Me Babe,” “She’d Rather Be With Me,” “You Baby,” “Elenore,” Ouside Chance,” and “You Showed Me.”

The Turtles It Ain't Me Babe(MFO 48021) It Ain’t Me Babe (Vinyl) 

(MFO 48030) The Turtles 45 RPM Singles Collection  16 of The Turtles Greatest Hits on 8 45 RPM Vinyl Singles in a beautifully packaged box set.  Includes “Happy Together,” “You Baby,” Elenore” and “She’s Rather Be With Me.”

The Lafayette Afro Rock Band

The Lafayette Afro Rock band vs. ICE – Afro Funk Explosion 

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The Double CD set “Afro Funk Explosion!” features the best and most sampled tracks from the Lafayette Afro Rock Band and Ice, as well as a few tracks from some of their other pseudonyms, Crispy & Co and Captain Dax. All of these recordings are long out of print and sell for big money on eBay, but are finally available and have been digitally re-mastered from the original tapes. It’s time for the world to discover what hip-hop, funk, and Afro funk communities have already discovered!

Disc 1: 1. Darkest Light 2. Hihache 3. Soul Makossa 4. Conga 5. Voodounon 6. Malik 7. Nicky 8. Djungi 9. Heels & Soles 10. Red Matchbox 11. Scorpion Flower 12. A.I.E 13. Dr. Breezar (“Soul Frankenstein”)

Disc 2: 1. Racubah 2. Hi Fi Woman 3. The Gap (Instrumental Version) 4. Losin’ 5. Funky Beach 6. Too Litle Room 7. Ozan Koukle 8. Put an X on the Spot 9. Autumn Leaves 10. There’s Time To Change 11. Quick 12. I Need Love 13. Dgunji 14. Funky Lovin’ 15. Time Will Tell 16. Frisco 17. Don’t Wonder Why 18. Once Chance

Lee Michaels


♦Live Performance / Interview from Early ’70s♦

(MFO 45809) Heighty Hi – The Best of Lee Michaels 20 Song compilation of Lee Michaels’ biggest hits from his legendary period at A&M Records between 1968-1973.  Includes his 1971 Top 10 hit single “Do You Know What I Mean” and FM Radio anthem “Heighty Hi.”

(MFO 45810) Lee Michaels – the Complete A&M Album Collection The Complete A&M Album Collection
The complete collection of all 7 of Lee Michaels’ classic albums from his legendary period on A&M Records between 1968-1973.  All 7 albums have been digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes and come in a beautiful package which includes a 40 page booklet with comprehensive liner notes as well as archival photos, posters, concert ads and quotes.

(MFO 45801) Lee Michaels – Carnival of Life
Lee Michaels’ 1967 debut album.  Features “Hello,” “Sounding The Sleeping” and the title track, “Carnival Of Life.”

(MFO 45802) Lee Michaels — Recital Lee Michaels’ 1968 2nd album.  Features “If I Lose You,” “No Part Of It” and “The War.”



(MFO 45803) Lee Michaels / Self-Titled Lee Michaels’ 1969 3rd album and first album with drummer Barry “Frosty” Smith.  Features FM Radio anthem and Lee Michaels’ signature song, “Heighty Hi.”



(MFO 45804) Lee Michaels – Barrel Lee Michaels’ 1970 4th album.  Features “What Now America,” Uummmm My Lady” and “Thumbs.”



(MFO 45805) Lee Michaels – 5th Lee Michaels’ 1971 classic 5th album, the most successful album of his entire career.  Features his Top 10 hit single “Do You Know What I Mean,” as well as Top 40 hit single “Can I Get A Witness.”



(MFO 45806) Lee Michaels – Space & First Takes Lee Michaels’ 1972 6th album.  Features “Own Special Way (As Long As)” and Hold On To Freedom.”



(MFO 45807) Lee Michaels – Live  Lee Michaels’ 1973 7th and final album for A&M Records.  This live album was recorded at Carnegie Hall and features some of Lee Michaels’ classic songs from his legendary period with A&M Records, including “Heighty Hi.”

Flo & Eddie

Flo & Eddie

phlorescent(MFO 48001) Phlorescent Leech & Eddie/Flo & Eddie (2CD) Double CD of the first 2 Flo & Eddie albums, originally on Reprise Records, following their stint as vocalists for the Mothers Of Invention. 

(MFO 48003) New York “Times” (2CD)  The handpicked insanity on these discs is the product of Flo & Eddie’s holiday shows.



(MFO 48004) Illegal, Immoral & Fattening/Moving Targets (2CD) Double cd of the 3rd and 4th Flo & Eddie albums, originally on Columbia Records.  Features “Eddie, Are You Kidding?” and “Keep It Warm.” 




Tom Waits

Tom Waits


Tom Waits - The Early Years Volume 1
(MFO 40601) Tom Waits — The Early Years Vol. 1 (CD and Vinyl)
Recorded 1971-1973 and first released in 1991, this collection contains thirteen unique recordings, and nine of the thirteen songs are not available on any other Waits albums.


Tom Waits - The Early Years Vol. 2
(MFO 40602) Tom Waits — The Early Years Vol. 2 (CD and Vinyl)
Recorded 1971-1973 and first released in 1993, another thirteen hard-to-find recordings, and four songs of which are not available on any other Waits album.



Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins


Alice Cooper

TORONTO, ON: Alice Cooper in concert at Varsity Stadium taken by Boris Spremo September 2, 1972.

alice_cooper_-_live_at_the_whiskey_1969_-_front(MFO 45601) – Live At The Whiskey A-Go-Go 1969