Drinking Flowers – Paste Magazine Song Premiere “Black Monday”

Drinking Flowers Paste Magazine

LA’s Drinking Flowers are sharing their new single “Black Monday.” The track, drawing instant comparisons to Depeche Mode and The Cure in my head, comes off of the lo-fi post-punk quintet’s forthcoming debut New Swirled Order LP, out March 18 on Manifesto.

“The song came very naturally to me,” said guitarist/lead vocalist Alex Galindo of the track. “I picked up my guitar in my living room and sat around in silence thinking of words that could capture my mood. ‘Black Monday’ popped into my head, and it seemed to be the perfect two words to capture my feelings at the time. I was depressed, completely uninspired from my day job, and felt trapped. I wanted to make a really dumb and simple pop song with a lot of repetition and only a couple variations floating around. It’s sort of a metaphor for the constant flow of uncreative non-liberating work most of us find ourselves doing. I also think it’s the charm of the song; it just keeps on rolling – fluctuating from dark to light.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Black Monday” right here.

Cellars Premieres New Single “Nighttime Girl” via Spin Magazine



“…revives the best of the ’80s”

“candy-colored pop in the iridescent vein of Madonna and Neon Indian.”

“glamorously dark”

—Spin Magazine

“Nighttime Girl” was written during an interesting transition in my life, I had just moved to Los Angeles and knew barely anyone, and was dealing with the first of a few break­ups in a long­-term relationship with someone I loved very much. I came up with the music and then told myself when writing the lyrics that I was not going to write another love song, which is where the line “I don’t need love where I’m going” comes from. I was determined to find my own way in this new place, and the song is about the struggle of figuring out who you are; the dissonant human feeling of both self­-confidence and self­-consciousness at the same time, and both sure and unsure of what one wants in life.

Click here to listen to the new single off of her upcoming album, ‘Phases’